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Facilities Operations, Maintenance

Mr. Carl Nicoleau, Assistant Superintendent
12525 NW 28th Avenue
Miami, FL 33167

Facilities Operations, Maintenance (FOM), is a multifaceted service organization responsible for all aspects of preventive, routine and emergency maintenance. FOM services more than 47.8 million gross square feet of facility space in 440 educational and auxiliary facilities which are owned or leased by the District. Our goal is to provide high quality facilities maintenance services in a timely, cost-effective and professional manner; thereby ensuring a safe and comfortable learning and working environment.

Departments and Functions:

A total of four Maintenance Service Centers (MSCs), provide the day to day maintenance needs for all District owned and leased facilities. These include preventative, routine and emergency services. The Project Management team provides contract service support; roof replacement, repairs and surveys; environmental compliance management and facilities related emergency preparedness and response. The Central Maintenance Operations is responsible for managing large capitalized maintenance projects, using a combination of in-house and contracted services, managing project warranties, and athletic field maintenance. FOM is also responsible for several other facility related functions that include but are not limited to: procurement of goods and professional services; installation and maintenance of security cameras and intrusion alarms; new hire orientation, training and development; annual accountability of vehicles and equipment via property audits.

How to Request Services:

FOM has a call center that can be reached by dialing 305-995-7777. A customer service representative will help you initiate a maintenance work order request or refer your call to the appropriate department.

Department Name
Responsible Administrator
Telephone #
Facilities Operations, Maintenance
Mr. Francis Hoar, Administrative Director
Project Operations, Regulatory Compliance & Roofing
Mr. Michael Krtausch, District Director
Maintenance Service Center 1
Mr. Edmond Willis, Director
Maintenance Service Center 2
Mr. Thomas Quigley, Director
Maintenance Service Center 3
Mr. Jose Garcia, Director
Maintenance Service Center 4
Mr. Timothy Jones, Director
Central Operations & Capital Task Force Mr. Jeffrey Ware, Director 305-995-4092
Employee Services / Maintenance Support
Ms. Lynda Green, Director
Building Security Systems
Mr. Dwayne Mingo, Director
Grounds / Athletic Fields
Mr. David Kandel, Supervisor
Maintenance Support & Information Services
Mr. Berny Blanco, Executive Director
Sourcing Management
Mr. Arnold Velazquez, Director
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